Since her exit from formal art-based academia, Madeleine has adopted some hobbies for herself. Namely embroidery, whittling, pens and letter writing, and the slightly less accessible medium of hot glass. This work spawns mostly from its creation as pastime and acts as release for the artist, both things that were not so available for her through creating until her perspective changed, or perhaps broadened. Tchotchke, a yiddish word for , was suggested by her grandmother as a proposed name for the store she hopes for Madeleine to open one day, full of items like those you see here. There is no specific, all-encompassing statement for the work as of now. Some embody similar themes, fluids and excretion and household items as they are imagined without reference. If there was a statement, it would be that there's not one yet, which is perhaps what all of this is, as Madeleine hasn't been spending her time thinking so much about what she makes with her hands. It's all separate these days, but that doesn't mean that it will never come together again.


Either way, it's just fine. It is worth emphasizing the unfortunate, theoretical, bullshit line, of value drawn between fine art and craft, though. 

May the viewer also be encouraged to investigate their own distinction between their definition and designated value as it shifts from what they or others may perceive as fine art, folk art, and craft. 

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