Madeleine Roodberg

Waste Page, 2019-

This work in progress is an interactive web-based extention of This is Your Garbage, This is Your Waste. It is a hub for food-waste and environmental-related information, collaboration and imagery, incorporating maps, statistics, text, photography, 360 video and more. 

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This is Your Grabage, This is Your Waste, 2018-


Photo series consisting of food waste collected from sidewalks and trashcans staged to evoke criticisms of Dutch Golden Age still life paintings. 

To view, watch slideshow or navigate using arrows. Click on image to see larger. 

More information at, 2018

Artist website showcasing photography, media, and design. 

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Professional website for new media artist Amir Baradaran. XHTML, Javascript, CSS, modified template. 

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UI Concept for VR Museum, 2018

UI Graphics and design for a VR Museum concept.

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